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Just a quick update on some things that have been posted here and there, on Bio's social forums.

- The game is likely have a no toolset on release, but Bio staff said they may release a patch to upgrade DAO's toolset in order to make it work for DA2. No clear response on this though.

- Camera won't have exactly DAO's top down view, they said you can still use it, but it won't go as far up, a French journalist says the view is gone altogether. Tbh it's not clear how top down view is implemented, if implemented at all.

- Some sources say combat is still turn based but melee fighters don't need command issuing, a la Baldur's Gate, some sources (e.g. 1UP) say it's hack and slash. No clear response from developers on this one as well.

I can't say we have enough information about DA2 at the moment, devs naturally don't want to say too much at this point and previews are not always in agreement with each other.
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