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So, three episodes later, and no one around here has anything to say abouy Season 3? (Aside from a few comments under appropriate reviews.)

I was rather underwhelmed by the first season, and thus skipped the second one, but impulse-bought The Devil's Playhouse (literally on the last day of the pre-order) based on the strength of the concept and the trailer. I found The Penal Zone pretty meh, to be honest - much improved humour and pacing, yes, but gameplay felt bland - especially the Future Vision, which could have been a great tool, seemed to be overused as an excuse to make puzzles rather unimaginative. And my geeky mind hated that it either showed an actual future or a changeable one depending on the puzzle.

...but, Tomb of Sammun-Mak was just a hoot! The film-reel changing thing added much-needed feeling of depth and variety (and yes, it also didn't make sense, but it didn't pretend to). Every location just leaked with atmosphere (in particular Jared Emmerson-Johnson already deserves next Aggie for his work on this episode alone). And there were more delightfully absurd touches and connections than in the entire Season 1 put together. (I mean, Little Arctic Circle? Genius! ) If not for the not-well-thought-through last puzzle (also a problem with TPZ) and resolution of previous ep's cliffhanger, Tomb would probably topple Lair of the Leviathan as my favourite single Telltale episode.

They Stole Max's Brain! was very good, too, introducing fabulous new characters and intriguing dialogue puzzle mechanic. (Unlike most players/reviewers, I was glad it was only used for a prologue. I am afraid it could have gotten old fast.) My main criticism is that it felt quite disjointed by the sudden change of premise and tone in the middle. I wonder if it was at any stage planned as two separate episodes - it would work better that way.

I still haven't installed 304 and, although Stuart Young (with whom I agree more often than not) in the AG review labelled it the weakest of the season so far, I must say I can't wait to.
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