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Originally Posted by Sughly View Post
Yeah I agree with this, but I might have misrepresented that it was this sense of unease I got out of Scratches. It did make me jump a few times, sure, but the rest of the time definately carried a foreboding atmosphere.
Yeah, a good horror game usually has some well-timed jump scares, but doesn't rely on them as its only way to strike fear in the player. A perfect example of this is Resident Evil. The dogs jumping through the window put me on edge, but what created the prolonged tension was the mechanics -- the fact that I didn't have enough bullets to kill the two zombies on the other side of the door. The fact that I only had one healing herb and the save room was on the other side of the mansion.

I agree with you, Fantasysci5, that too much gore can become trivial if there isn't a good reason for it. Examining a bin and finding a disembodied head is freaky the first time, but if you line up 20 bins and they all have body parts inside, you're going to be desensitized and bored by the time you've examine the last one.
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