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Here are such games I've played so far:
  • Lost Crown
  • Dark Fall (the series)
  • Black Mirror
  • Barrow Hill
  • Scratches

For the atmospere, it would be a battle between Boakes' games and the first "Black Mirror". Sometimes I found it almost incredible, that this game, which certainly has lot of flaws, is one of the most memorable adventure titles I've played. Atmospere and the setting is probably its best feature.

And as for the scares, maybe the only game that really made me jump out the chair is "Scratches". Here are the three moments that did it for me:

1. Mask over the shoulder
2. Trip inside the fireplace
3. Look through the hole in the wall

Also, Boakes' games have several such moments, but, though I don't like it nearly as much from the artistic and aesthetic point of view, I must say that "Scratches" is probably the scariest adventure game I've played so far.
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