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Sorry for the double post, this just to say that patch 1.04 (for PC) is now available.

It can be downloaded here.

The patch for Xbox is avaible later today
(Morning North America time)

Please note that applying the patch will lead to these steps if you have any dlc (or mods) installed.

You'll need to logout, then log-in again, then click downloadable content. Then uncheck it all. Then go back to the main menu, then click on downloadable content again. Then you will get a screen saying 'enable downloadable content' Click 'yes (or ok). This will enable your content again. (did it myself last night )

On another, yet related note, RPGwatch brings word there's a new podcast for Dragon Age 2 on the Bioblog. Mike Laidlaw talks to one of the other Bioware devs. about this

And Return for Ostagar is now out for the Mac:
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