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According to (with info first appearing in the German magazine, these are the companions revealed at this time.

The figures
Already have already revealed some characters from Dragon Age 2 was. We put the figure briefly.
Hawke: The choice of male or female hero is the main character of Dragon Age 2, and leads the player through the 10-year history.
Bethany: Hawkes sister is a magician and supports her brother in the battle with fire spells.
Cassandra: The Inquisitor has a burning interest in the hero did Hawkes.
Varric: The dwarf Hawke has accompanied on his travels and is the storyteller in Dragon Age 2nd
Flemeth: The mighty shapeshifts and mother of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins is also in Dragon Age 2 again with the party
And according to David Gaider, the lead writer for the game, this time around there will be

No exclusive organization. No saving the world. No ancient evil.

Maybe, they'd finally listened to those of us that's gotten tired of playing a member of a secret organisation combatting an ancient evil...Or they have been tired themselves from making these games?
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