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Originally Posted by flamedrake View Post
There's very little in the way of gameplay videos out there, but Adventure-Treff did sneak a little bit out here. Hard to say much about the visuals of the game as a whole, but the walking animations have definitely been improved from those awful trailers.
I never saw that video, it's actually the first glimpse of gameplay i have ever seen! The animations look a lot better than that old trailer, and those wierd head movements seems also gone now. Thanks for the video. Finding stuff on Gray Matter is an adventure by it self

Originally Posted by Kurufinwe View Post
The problem with the loading times was fixed for So Blonde: Back to the Island, so I can't see why it'd re-appear in Gray Matter. (Not that they can't screw something else up, just probably not that again.)
I never played Back to the Island, so thats good news. I guess it means that the engine is improved now.

Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
It is fixed
Yey! I'm all hyped now... again
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