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Updating the confirmed facts. source:


From the press release:
The main character's surname is Hawke

Hawke survived "the Blight"

Hawke is known as "the Champion of Kirkwall"

Hawke is a "refugee"

DA2's story will span 10 years

DA2 will be released in March 2011 for PC, XBox 360, and PS3

From the forums:

Morrigan is NOT Hawke's mother; Hawke is NOT the "god baby" [Victor Wachter]

Hawke can be male or female [David Gaider], [Mary Kirby], [Chris Priestly]

Hawke is human [Chris Priestly]

DA2 is a single-player game [Chris Priestly]

"More than half" of the Dragon Age left by the time Awakening begins [David Gaider]

"Hawke can, indeed, be a mage." [Mary Kirby]

There will be more DLC and patches for DAO before DA2 is released [Chris Priestly], [Chris Priestly]

No word so far on different editions [Chris Priestly]

There is no "morality meter" in the style of Mass Effect's Paragon/Renegade meter [David Gaider]

The game does NOT take place "10 years after Origins." It SPANS a 10-year period. When it starts hasn't been revealed. [David Gaider]

There will be companions/followers [David Gaider]

From GameInformer (take with a grain of salt, some links not available):
Hawke will be voiced [Five Facts]

Hawke lived in Lothering during the events of DA:O, fled north to Kirkwall [Five Facts]

Kirkwall is a major population center in the Free Marches [Five Facts]

"Hawke will also spend time in other areas of the Free Marches" [Five Facts]

Game will use imported save from Dragon Age: Origins [Print magazine]

Flemeth will appear [Print magazine]

Intra-party conflict may be more significant (?) [Print magazine]

Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel with paraphrased lines and symbols denoting tone [Print magazine]

“Dragon Age II has a framed narrative structure, which means that
the exploits of Hawke occured in the past, but are being retold in the
present.” “Narrators with unique insights into the events in question
tell the tale of his past adventures.” [Print magazine]

Events from Dragon Age: Origins may be seen from a different viewpoint [Print magazine]

PC combat largely unchanged, console combat changed to better suit the controller [Print magazine]

From elsewhere:
Kirkwall is located on the southern edge of the Vimmark Mountains, north of Ferelden [this map]
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