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Default ULTIMA 6 Remake - It's DONE!!!

You fine Ladies and Gentlemen, it is done indeed and it's FREE!

- Adventure meets RPG -

A few hours ago Ultima 6 Project has finally been released! [mirrors end of post]

8 years (!) of development time!
The game is a TOTAL CONVERSION MOD, using only the very core of the Dungeon Siege engine!

Here're some features of Ultima 6 Project:
(Created & implemented into the DS core engine by Team Archon )
  • Using ships & their navigation system
  • NPC schedules & their ability to sleep
  • In-game journal & compendium
  • Magic orbs/ Moongates teleportation system
  • Ocean & water environment
  • Dynamic, branching conversation system
  • Individual spell system
  • Individual stats system
  • Ladder & rope system
  • Map UI
  • Dynamic banter system concerning objects, locations & characters
  • Art assets
  • Dynamic mobs
  • Massive level of interactivity
  • etc.
BUT, MOST IMPORTANT FOR US: ...tons and tons of clue gathering, sleuthing & riddle solving!


I'd love to hear your impressions and feedback on this game,


The game itself is completely FREE, though it is a TOTAL CONVERSION MOD. You'll need either "Dungeon Siege" + patch, OR "Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna" (DS + patch already included), to provide the 3D engine, in order to play the game. (Available for around 5$ anywhere on the net)

PS: If you would be so kind and feel like dropping a line or two, I'm sure the Archon Team would highly appreciate your input, feedback and constructive criticism!

Main website is down due to traffic overload. Here're some mirrors I've found:

The Hawk Online
Strategy Informers
Ultima Aiera choose v1.0
Torrent link

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