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Yes, I asked for help and guidance because of just that, I wanted to do everything on my first playthrough.
There were times when trying every combination would get too tedious so I asked if a particular combination would lead to something new. If answer yes, I would try it.

Hear this, I have even accomplished to not sleep during the first night. The night the old man had a nightmare.
If I am correct you skip the nightmare event(your own nightmare).

Anyways I believe I heard every conversation because by now I think all 'secret' conversations have been mentioned in both TLE topics. And I have yet to come across one that I haven't encountered myself.

I admit, there was ONE thing I didn't find out or saw on my initial playthrough. That was the conductor juggling with his head during the nightmare scene. I found that one thanks to Veruncheek.
But that is not considered a conversation.

Owh and about the eunich compartment; I think it is safe to assume no such secret exists, considering that Veruncheek never found a way to enter it. That woman explored every bits(pun intended) and pieces of the game.
I mean....if it existed at least 1 person here should've been able to enter it right?

Simple elementary, my dear Fien. ^^
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