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Currently at the start of chapter II in Black Mirror 2 quality adventure game. i finished Memento Mori at the start of the week, and it was a good game, but no where near as good as BM2.

Originally Posted by Intense Degree View Post
Also Black Mirror 2.

I'm at the beginning of chapter 3 and enjoying it so far. My only real gripe is that the protagonist is a bit of a childish idiot! Having said that, in some ways he does fit into some preconceived notions of a 90's teenager very well(!) and he is pretty well voice acted.

Looking forward to the rest of the game!
I also thought he was really annoying and dull at the start, but he grows on you, and as with the whole game excellenty voice acted. although when he describes objects, he has this little annoying quirk where you think he has finished talking as he leaves a gap after a sentance, then he starts off again.
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