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Originally Posted by Roper Klacks View Post
I dont think it will tbh. Telltale reached a position that even console centric gamers with no attatchment to adventure games genre know their games and even buy them. Gray Matter will never reach the same level of awareness, at least not with a massive marketing campaign. Yes Telltale dont have a lot of publicity, but they are delivering good games for some years now (and with well recognized IP's). It wont be even close, at least in sales i'm afraid.

Even if they make a really big push with advertisment, linking Jane's name to the game that wont make a big difference to outside players. Jane jensen is not a big name anymore, its sad, but true, new gamers dont know who she is.
Yeah I have to agree with this. It's unfortunate that the game's level of success will most likely come down to good marketing, and with the coverage and exposure given in the production stage it doesn't seem very promising.

I would have quoted Amanita Design with Machinarium who seem to have made quite a success of the title (though I can't find exact sales figures ANYWHERE ) off of only $1000 in marketing, but they had a vastly original art style that got people's attention. Unfortunately, as beautiful as Gray Matter may be, it doesn't have that same immediate appeal.

Well, it's a given all of us in here will buy it at least! Let's just hope the right people bring it to enough of the 'others' . Get them to peer away from killing things for 5 seconds and see if we can hold their short attention span long enough.
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