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Okay, so here is my take on the Adventure in Amsterdam.

I will skip the first group picture. We know by now that we were all still in one piece back then

After that, we went on a boat tour through the canals in Amsterdam. Tsa may claim that Maruca, Jelena and I were not paying attention to the view outside, but I have proof that he wasn't (always) paying attention either

After the boat tour we had a drink and of course, with an adventure gamers forum meet there have to be puzzles, Step must have thought, so he gave us puzzles, which immediately kept Jaz and tsa busy

After that we went to the Palace on the Dam square. However, because I flashes weren't allowed in there (which Step really tried to listen to, but his camera was evil) and without flashes the shutter time becomes too large for my shaky hands to handle, most of my picturs from in there have moved so much that you will get seasick looking at them...

...Which is no good when dinner is coming up
We had an Indian ricetable, meaning that we got all sorts of things. Though beware El Pollo Diablo, here on the second plate from the right

After dinner some of us had mint tea, with a whole lotta mint in there.

It was an amazing day. I'm already looking forward to the next forummeet
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