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Originally Posted by tsa View Post

The three girls who were on the same bench just twittered the time away, oblivious of the grandeur of the city that was unfolded outside the window. Step, Jazz and me payed attention so we had value for money.
We did see the city! We saw a lot of houseboats, and tulips, and tulips on houseboats, and awesome big bookcases in houseboats. Shall I go on?

Originally Posted by tsa View Post
After the boat it was time for a light snack. In practice that meant that everyone had a drink
I misread that as: "In practice that meant that everyone got drunk"

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Nah, we did all that stuff. Then we reloaded an earlier saved game and tried a different approach.
Sshhh! You weren't supposed to let the rest know we went for the lowest score first

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post

My wife and I both agree that you have stunning hair though
That is so sweet, you make me blush! I usually don't like my hair, but reading comments like this prevents me from cutting it off

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
If you weren't sure of the controls you could always have pressed the F1 key.

Isn't it Luna's responsibility to educate you about these things though?
I'm trying, I'm trying, but she is a tough one Always holding on to those weird illusions like 'real life' and 'no save buttons there'. Really. I need some educational advise here
(Having said that, she is learning. Slowly, but I have good hopes that at the next meet she will be saving like hell )

Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Ahem....tsa seems to have forgotten I had gifts for everyone too. (Including his parents. )
Yay for the amazingly smelling tea!
Putting it in another bag, I now have 2 aromatic bags with content
A prince is it? I see. And I am Lord of this dusty path!
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