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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
It's good to see you back on the forums. We've missed you. What have you been up to during your absence?
I've been on a magical journey around the Internet, lol.

Shortly after I decided to take a break from foruming for various reasons, my friend introduced me to the wonders of 4chan. I soon became a /b/tard and lost the ability to act like a normal human being online, succumbing to the life of the troll, and speaking in nothing but memes.

After that I went to hang out with the homos over at GayGamer. I made some friends, lost some friends, made some enemies, met people who sent me naughty photographs of themselves - all the things one would expect when a load of queers cluster together, lol. xD

I was inspired to check back in over here after I was playing the latest Ace Attorney game and I realised that I hadn't participated in any adventure game banter in a year and a half. (Also, I was concerned by reports that Squinky's monthly visitor has turned blue.)

In real life I graduated from university last May with a Bachelor of Laws - LLB (Hons) - then I dyed my hair fuchsia, then crimson, then purple, it currently needs redying as it all grew out, but now I have a beard instead because I stopped shaving in December, hehe.

I think that about covers it. I'm mostly bumbling around at the moment playing online PS3 games and watching my DVD boxsets of Dallas and Dynasty.

Originally Posted by Lee in Limbo View Post
I'd love to tell you about Heavy Rain, but my only console is a Wii, so no game for me. I hear good things about it, if you're not stuck on the idea that it's very little like a traditional AG.
I played the demo, and I enjoyed it, but something just tells me I'd rather wait until the price drops by 10 or so before I buy it. I think I'm becoming cheap...
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