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Originally Posted by Periglo View Post
I actually missed Deus Ex 2, Invisible War. Is it worth it?

Deus Ex was quite good, imho. The gameplay felt like a precursor to Mass Effect, to some degree. The story wasn't nearly as good, though.
first off, Deus Ex is brilliant! not just quite good

Deus Ex was purely a PC game, and had a brilliant niche look and feel to it, combined with the RPG side. tweaking your characters skills, and the moral decisions you have to make that effect the story in different ways. and the choices of approaching objectives.

DE:Invisble War was aimed at the PC but also the console market too. As such, the niche look and feel was ripped out of the game(the heart basically) and dumbed down for the console. It still offers the moral choices that effect the story, and picking your approach to objectives like Deus Ex. but its quite frankly not as good, its decent, but doesnt better the origional.
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