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Originally Posted by Zack View Post
I started replaying Beyond Good and Evil this afternoon. It's been a year or two since I last played it, and I forgot how imaginative it is.
I'm sort of bummed, because I really WANT to play it again, but my last playthrough was only a few months ago, and I know if I played it again now, it wouldn't have the same effect on me, because it's all still pretty fresh in my mind. Incredible game!!!!

Right now, I'm playing a new character on Titan Quest. It's a Corsair (Rogue + Defense masteries), and I'm in the expansion campaign in Epirus, right before entering the underworld on Normal mode. I'm actually hoping to take this character all the way to Legendary mode... the campaign is so long, that I always lose interest in the game sometime during early Epic mode, and then when I come back to it, months later, I start a new character.
I'm in my undies. That's... SO not appropriate.

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