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Having fun. Discovered plenty. Setting up the games on 2 computers - one for me (Windows 7) one for babysitting bringing my laptop. Everything is working fine in Windows 7 - KQ5 on the XP laptop has the sound problem (no voice) I keep reading about. Is there a fix? I don't even remember how I got 1-4 working 2 or 3 years ago. Don't remember Dosbox anything. My first stab (within memory) was with this hopelessly flawed game with Geiger graphics - Darkseed. Gave up on that. Now I'm getting the hang of it. Yes - the front end install KQ Collectors has a fairly worthless editor but .73 Dosbox has a very good one. I'm thinking ahead to Space quest, which I have another Collector's edition of. 2 questions: is there a conventional method of avoiding typing all these subdirectories in Mount, like can you create .bat files in DosBox? How do you create multiple .conf files for different game types? I am putting everything at present into the Sierra basic directory but who knows where I will go next? If the answers are going to be obvious by studying more Dosbox readmes don't bother to answer.
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