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Originally Posted by tabacco View Post
Do you genuinely want a sam and max game with that level of detail? Bear in mind that while Steve's comics are heavy on the detail, they're heavy on environmental detail, which is a very different thing indeed. Personally, I think applying that kind of look (even more stylized) to the games would look terrible. It's adding visual detail (and locking out a pretty big sector of the market with lower end hardware) for absolutely zero payoff and ultimately to the stylistic detriment of the game.
I think he's peaking of polygonal detail and better shaders. (Ambient Occlusion, Rim Shading, Real-Time Lighting, Higher Poly Models [Current Models are REALLY low poly]).

Team Fortress 2 visuals looks far better than Sam and Max while keeping the cartoon-like visuals.

Honestly, we want the game to look exactly the way it does in the CG cinematic trailers for the each season.
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