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The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson's latest movie is based on a best selling novel that I haven't read.

Susie Salmon was 14 years old on Dec 6th 1973 when she was murdered by one of her neighbours. The film tells her story from 2 viewpoints.

The first hour of the film shows her growing up with her family, her love of photography and her first steps towards teenage love.

Then she is brutally murdered and the film switches to Susie in Limbo/Heaven watching how her family falls apart and her killer attempts to covers his tracks.

The acting is superb all around from the girl who plays Susie to Mark Walburg as the father to Stanley Tucci's creepy paedophile.

The CGI is very pretty in the heaven scenes, all giant ships in bottles, colourful cornfields, picture perfect waterfalls etc.

The only problem is that is feels like it's trying to do to many things. Is it a film about coping with loss? Is it a police procedural? Is it a film about the after life?

I'm not sure it all fits together correctly. It may be a fault from the novel, but it makes for a spotty narrative. They could have cut back on the effects stuff and stayed with the family/real world aspect where it was much more effective.

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