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I'm a gamer from the 90's, i was heavily influenced by the late 90's early 00's videogames, and i still think that period was the best in this young industry.

However, this decade was interesting, and we saw a lot of changes.

The industry grew very fast, games became big mainstream blockbusters and more expensive to make. Developers now have less artistic freedom and need to play safe because of those huge investiments.

Independent gaming became a legitimate alternative, presenting new and fresh ideas.

Consoles became the lead platform for gaming with the new HD consoles (2004 was the real last PC-centric year with monsters like Half-Life 2, Far Cry, Doom 3, World of Warcraft, Rome: Total War).

Valve took a HUGE risk and revolutionized the industry in 2004 with Steam. It is now obvious that digital distribution is the future (for PC is already the present). Even if Steam closes, it will be in history as the first successful example of digital distribution for the masses.

In 2006 we saw the introduction of the Wii and the motion controler that seems that all the other competitors are copying and apparently will became huge in the future. And the Wii also brought a lot of casual players to the industry, replicating what The Sims had done in 2000, in a huge scale
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