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Originally Posted by DrFrankenstein View Post
Personally, I would much rather see the incredibly talented folks at TellTale direct their efforts at producing a full-scale original adventure than perpetuating the various licenses. It seems like the company has matured enough at this point to be able to take up such a challenge.
I'd like to see them create something original or tackle more dramatic themes and stories, but let's not forget why and how this company was created. Telltale Games was founded with the goal of releasing episodic content for established franchises, akin to what television studios do with their flagship series.

We could wish all we want for other things but that's beyond the point. Telltale's mission statement and overall goals have met with tremendous and well deserved success. Besides, it's not like every single game company fits that mold, resulting in poor product selection for players; on the contrary, Telltale is pretty much the only studio creating (and excelling at) this particular type of content.
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