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Hmm. For some reason I don't feel excited about a third season of S&M. While I enjoyed some of the S&M, ToMI, W&G episodes, I am starting to feel tired of this endless stream of bite-sized puzzlers with repetitive characters, formats, and themes. With so many of them floating around me and squeaking "I am Guybrush Treepwood, mighty pirate!" (if you get the analogy), it's starting to get a bit annoying. Personally, I would much rather see the incredibly talented folks at TellTale direct their efforts at producing a full-scale original adventure than perpetuating the various licenses. It seems like the company has matured enough at this point to be able to take up such a challenge.

Then again, I somehow doubt that we will see this any time soon with the marketing zombies at the helm going after tried-and-proven formulas. Just look at the movie industry which these days seems to be incapable of delivering anything better than witless derivatives.

Prove me wrong, TellTale - you have been challenged!
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