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Originally Posted by SoccerDude28 View Post
Milk could have been a great movie. All the elements were in place -- I agree almost entire cast is pitch perfect, add to that fantastic editing and best Danny Elfman score in ages -- except the screenplay, which I found terribly uninspired. I don't think it's enough to rely on inherent dramatism and relevance of the actual events and "borrow" all the best parts from the far superior documentary to write a good feature film. (Obviously, the Oscar voters disagreed with me here.)

Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
Last night a family I'm friendly with invited me over to watch 12 angry men with them. It was excellent. It's a very old (black-and-white) movie about the jury system. It's very simple, but that works in its favor. I like things which are totally focused and free of filler.
Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
12 Angry Men is a masterpiece. The most beautiful legal movie ever produced. Even calling it a 'legal movie' is reductive.
Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
No, I think that's fair. The movie exists to praise an aspect of the American legal system. It never loses sight of that.
I love 12 Angry Men. I could talk about it for hours, but let me just say that reducing its message to praising anything seems unfair. It's more ambiguous than that. I mean:

Implicitly, the movie says that if not for one open-minded, unprejudiced man out of twelve the system would be happy to imprison an innocent person and call it a day.

Incidentally, Nikita Mikhalkov's recent 12 is an unusually non-redundant remake. Inferior to be sure, over-the-top where the original was minimalistic, and I am certain a lot of minor things will be lost on non-Eastern-Europeans... but with equally strong acting across the board, and a few interesting spins on the story (particularly towards the end). I higly recommend it, but only to those already familiar with Lumet's film.
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