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Originally Posted by Henke View Post
I love both his old and new movies. Also check out his latest (Eastern Promises) if you haven't already.

A group of heathen farmers worshiping the act of reproducing were replaced with feministic bee planters. Enough said.
Feministic Bee Pla- what?!? That sounds like the biggest cop out I've ever heard. My girlfriend got The Wicker Man from Lovefilm and it was the Nicholas Beige version. Thank the pagans she told me first; I promptly told her to burn it and request the original.

I've only liked Cronenberg's The Fly. Videodrome was interesting but didn't seem to go anywhere and I can't remember enjoying Existenz but that was some time ago. Eastern Promises flatlined a bit for me and I actually found the shower scene ridiculous despite the tangibility of it.

At one point Viggo pins one of the men down whilst the other stands there behind him with a knife in his hand staring at his keester! Stab him you baffoon!


District 9 - Bonkers sci-fi with a very interesting premise that eventually meanders into cool-but-cliched action territory with director Blomkamp really showing his gaming influences.

500 Days of Summer - A quirky and (very) funny film telling a tale of 'boy meets girl'. Joseph Gordon Levitt is on top form and while it is a rom-com it's not of the typical 'Hollowood' variety. It also has a cracking soundtrack.
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