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Default AG Community Playthrough #11: Blackstone Chronicles

Hey all!

Welcome to the 11th Community Playthrough on! This time, we'll be trekking through a creepy, not-so-abandoned insane asylum in John Saul's, "Blackstone Chronicles"!

This game does go into some gruesome details about what used to happen in insane asylums, and other quite disturbing topics of torture and stuff, so if you are offended by this or have a weak stomach, this game might not be for you. Even if you don't like it, feel free to join in, if you have anything to contribute about why you didn't like the game.

This game was also based on a series of serial novels written by John Saul, but you don't need to have read them to enjoy or understand the game. The books actually hardly deal with anything from the game, besides the memories of the inmates that we learn intimitely in the game. So once we meet a new "ghost" of an inmate, I will let you know what the book had to say, in the way of a single flashback, about them.

I hope you'll have fun and join us in our playthrough! I'm just posting this now to make sure people are able to install it and etc, for we will not officially start the playthrough until Friday. I hope this sounds good for everyone!
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