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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
I'm a big fan of S.T Voyager! I own the entire series and watch it all the time. Next I'm getting the Deep Space Nine series since I haven't seen it at all.
I loved Voyager (though not enough to own it (I do own TNG)). DS9 on the other hand started well but turned into a soap opera that was not worth finishing. Like Enterprise--the next ST series after that--it was ST gone bad.

I understand your appreciation of all things Roddenberry and I too am glad that he spawned this series, but really, the last couple of films were really the death knell of the old franchise and the new film is a wonderfully fresh rekindling that pays VERY respectful homage to the history of ST. Yes, while changing the cannon of the series, and I'm totally okay with that treatment--alternate realities has ALways been what ST is about.

Any ST fan that doesn't embrace the new film is morbidly staunch.
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