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Originally Posted by tsa View Post
Beautiful pictures Mike! Aren't those birds geese instead of ducks?
Okay I did some research and you are right, I found these guys!

Greyback Goose

The reason why I associate them with ducks is because the ducks I am used to have longer necks than what I find online with other breeds. So they look more like ducks than geese to me if you think of their necks not being that long.

Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
You guys make the most loveliest pictures. Those of the ducks are gorgeous, Mike, and tsa!!! That picture with the ice!! They are all so beautiful!
Thanks the compliments both of you, I was happy with some of the angles ,but then again most of it was not that special. Just patience and a lot memory on a camera!
Well if you take 100 pictures of a goose in different angels you can be sure one of the pictures will end up smooth! Plus they were around me a lot until they stopped swimming around..

Hey you should start taking photos of things around you too!
Need more North America in this thread! its already a bit too Western Continental/North Europe (Netherlands/Finland/Norway) biased! *even if we are awesome *. Really want to see more American surroundings/Nature/Birds that you won't find in Europe.

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