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After finishing Sherlock Holmes vs Arsène Lupin last weekend, I wanted to pick up my replay of GK3 again (starting day 2), but as there's no chance of catching up with the playthrough (interesting thread though! I'm using the points check list in that topic to make sure I get to see everything there is in the game and of course to obtain a full score for the first time ), and I was more in the mood for a slice of comedy, I continued with Jack Keane.

Jack Keane has been on my computer for some time now as I was completely stuck in chapter 4. But I finally figured out what to do and am now ready to start chapter 9. I'm enjoying the game so far. It's nowhere near as funny as the Monkey Island games, but it definitely has its moments. Plus, the game looks beautiful and the gameplay is not too difficult (which is a nice change after some of those puzzles in SH Nemesis!).
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