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completed Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, I'd like to say it was lots of fun but to be honest it wasn't, it had none of the humour, plot, likeable characters that the first one had, it just felt like it was dragging on and on, like a 3 hour film of paint drying.

It's not a game i will ever be in a hurry to play again.

@Ugignadi - The list is basically all commercially available adventure games, and by that i mean things from proper publishing/software houses, no third party made in your bedroom PD games.

Mainly Games such as

Broken Sword series
Beneath a steel sky
Monkey Island series
Kings/Space/Police quest series
Flight of the amazon queen
future wars
curse of enchantia
legend of kyrandia
lure of the temptress
indiana jones last crusade/fate of atlantis
simon the sorcerer 1-4 (and 5 when it's released on 31/07/2009 (already preordered)
Still life
secret files
manhunter series
colonels bequest, if i can ever actually find a copy of it anywhere
Cruise for a corpse
Sherlock holmes series

and so on, it is a fairly big undertaking but not an impossible task

I will try and focus on games i have never ever played before first and then replay ones ive played before later on

Also it would be nice if the subscription thing on the forum listened to my settings and actually emailed me when there was a new reply, instead it doesn't
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