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ah right, that's what i'll do then

I finally got round to finishing Broken Sword 1 (Shadow of The Templars) and have started 2 (The Smoking Mirror).

I really enjoyed the first one, it had a storyline that i enjoyed, the puzzles varied from simply obvious to requires a bit of outside the box thinking, but nothing ever in the league of "use the rubber chicken to persuade the plant to grow into a corned beef sandwich" like some games do.
The acting was better then many adventure (or any genre) game i remember from the period it was made and many years up until even now in some games cases. There were some wooden moments but it's to be expected, sometimes the writen relationship between George & Nico seemed warm, other times it felt like "i just escaped from a deathly escapade while being shot at and jumping off a huge cliff into a truck and all you can say is "oh hi george""

The villians of the peice were fittingly written with a comedy villian edge which gave the whole thing a pink panther-esque feel which i enjoyed.

Overall an enjoyable game with (still) pleasant graphics and an engaging storyline, and funny "everyday" dialogue and voicework. Nice soundtrack that fits the style and occassions with excitement and relaxation. Recommend

Unfortunately so far the sequel really isn't engaging me anywhere near as much as the first did, i don't like the loss of the map, instead he tells you where you can go and you choose one, i also don't like the inclusion of the utilities (save/load etc) into the top of the screen instead of on a seperate screen. Also the puzzles in it seem a little more "wacky" and less real then they were in the first. Though time will tell if it picks up a bit
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