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Gran Torino

A movie in which Clint Eastwood stars as well as directs.

Here he plays an old racist grouchy bastard, a vetren of the Korean war, who recently lost his wife. He rails at the whole world, his family and especially the new Asian neigbours. The neighbourhood that he grew up in is now predominatly an imigrant area, ruled by gangs.

After an unintentional act of heroism he starts to grow an uneasy friendship with his new neighbours especially the 2 kids. He takes the young boy under his wing, teaches him about fixing things, how to talk to other men (With lots of racist comments of course) and gets him a job in construction.

Unfortunatly the gangs keep getting involved and it's up to old Clint to come to the rescue. He growls through this film in fantastic form and the movie is held together by the acting.

I loved it and it would be a perfect swansong as Eastwood the actor, and further proof that he is a great director.

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