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Che Part 2

October 1965: Fidel Castro (Bichir) reads a letter from Che Guevara (Del Toro) in which he resigns from the Cuban government. Two years later, Guevara tries to bring about revolution in Bolivia. Things do not go well.

I'm glad I watched this in 2 parts as watching the whole 5 hours would have been a slog.

Not that it isn't a decent film, because it's a great film, but the 2nd part is a darker film than the first making it draining to watch.

Conveniently jumping over all his rumored crimes in Cuba it jumps forward in time to Bolivia and the failed revolution. Che hides out in the jungles as the locals refuses to side with him, and US trained soldiers pick them off.

This film is like a mirror image of the first as we witness him become more isolated and follow him to the end as the camera closes in on Che and then we become his eyes.

Benicio Del Toro is superb throughout the movie and it's a travesty he wasn't nominated for an Oscar.

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