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A cross between "Heroes" and "Jumper" this low budget action flick stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning.

There are people in the world with powers - "Movers" can move things with their mind, "Watchers" can tell the future, "Sniffers" can track people and "Pushers" can alter peoples minds and make them do things.

Most of them are hiding from "Division" the evil gov agency who are trying to track down and experiment on them.

Dakota Fanning is a 13 year old Watcher who enlists Chris Evans "mover" to find an escaped girl and recover a package that could save or kill all the mutants.

The film was pretty decent for a low budget effect although it suffers too much from rough hand camera style footage and excess shakycam during the fight scenes.

The film sags drastically in the middle as they end up just wandering aimlessly through a very pertty Hong Kong.

Strangely there is also a complete lack of an ending. It's like it was a 2 part movie as it leaves far too many loose ends unfinished at the end for my liking with no guarentee of a sequel.

Reasonably enjoyable hokum.

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