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Thanks. I actually do have another choice, Knox College up north. A few friends are going there and have invited me. It's actually also one of the best schools in the Midwest, even better than Berea. Unfortunately, there's two downsides to it: first, I have to RSVP at Berea within the next week because there's only 400 spots in the class I'm applying to, and because of the troubles with the Common Application, I won't have heard back from Knox by then, and 2: Knox costs $40,000 yearly, as opposed to Berea which is, unbelievably, free to attend beyond fees. (That's also why Berea has an incredibly low acceptance rate, even for private schools; everyone wants to go to a school that's in US News And World Report's top 50 American liberal arts schools and free.)

So it will probably be Berea. I've been accepted into their physics program. Fuck. I'm going to have to take a crash course in physics before August. Anyone, uh... know any good books on the subject?
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