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Originally Posted by Murphy2042 View Post
So i´d say aswell as the first 2 parts when it comes to the story, GK3 proved how complex and well thought you could use the element of storytelling in adventuregames and how they can soak you up like a good book, if done as impressively as in these examples.
And i think the way some of the puzzles were integrated into the game´s world, was more than impressive, so i´d definetely put the whole Le Serpent Rouge thing on my nr.1 spot when it comes to puzzles/riddles in adventuregames. So , it may not have done well from a financial aspect ( like any other adventure at the time) but from the art standpoint i think it´s a great game and a worthy sequel , even if not 100 procent on the same level as part1 and2 .
Perfectly agree. Financially it was a nightmare, as Scott Biles remembered in his article, but as a story, a game and a work of art he has anything to be regretted.
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