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Personally I love GK 3, I think it's a superb game. Unfortunately it was released at a time when the race for gorgeous 3D graphics was all that mattered (arguably that's still true today) and so suffered badly when it didn't meet peoples expectations. I don't think the wider gaming community gave it a fair chance because they were instantly put off by the ugly artwork.

And it suffered badly at the hands of Sierra's management. As I recall they had to redo the entire artwork for the game at relatively short notice, and then it was rushed out despite numerous graphics bugs. But at its core it's a really great story with superb and original gameplay (with perhaps one or two moustache shaped exceptions). And I still think the game's interface is the best way to achieve point and click in 3D; or certainly on the right track.

I think it's very sad; it's a diamond in the rough but a diamond none the less. Strangely some of the biggest flops in adventure gaming have been some of the best games released in my opinion. The Last Express anyone?
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