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Originally Posted by rtrooney View Post
I'm hard pressed to find any serious inaccuracies, other than those that might be opinion related.

If this was truly a Jr High School essay assignment, I would rate it an A and not an A+ because of some typos. An A- on facts, only because of the Phantasmagoria question. And certainly an A based on background being given by two of the big guys that were around at the time, Al Lowe and Ron Gilbert.

That said, if this was a High School essay, or above, I might give it a C+. Al Lowe and Ron Gilbert do not define the adventure industry. There should have been more investigation. Where are the quotes from Ken and Roberta?
I agree. The article is too narrow. The history is only about adventures on the PC, and even in the early days there were more players than Sierra and Lucasarts, although they sure were big back then. Like I said, it's not a bad article for someone who did one afternoon of research, but one might expect more info from the UK's biggest entertainment website.
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