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Not like them!
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Pikmin is like Zelda in that there are a bunch of different kinds of gameplay focused on equally, surrounded by exploration. That's what I thought I'd be getting here, so it was a shock to see a huge focus on action and leveling-up, at the expense of any other kinds of gameplay. The only similarities I see between Okami and Zelda come from their shared indulgence of RPG clich├ęs. But Okami doesn't give me what I like about Zelda games, in the way that BG&E or Pikmin or Chibi Robo do.

Anyway, as I've said I'm early in. So I won't talk about it any more until I've seen more.

Edit: By the way, it's been said in an interview that Okami's designer was inspired by Zelda. But just because he thinks he's making a Zelda game doesn't mean he is. A lot of superficial similarities are there, without the essence of what a Zelda game is.
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