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Originally Posted by Magoozelle View Post
How is the party management [in nwn2] ? I am interested in picking this game up but I don't really like a lot of party management. I'm more into Diablo 2's party system than one like what's in Baldur's Gate 2.
Out of the box its very ordinary. You get up to 2 'minions' at a time in nwn 2, and can set them up with very basic AI instructions that differentiate between the basic class functions and try to act accordingly (and fail miserably). If (when) they die during a battle, no big deal because they'll get up at the end of the fight with 1 hit point. You can load them up with stuff too. You never have to manually control them, but you can if you want. If you like the Minions from Diablo 2 then you'll be happy because they're equally stupid in NWN2, charging mindlessly into death.

Should you get NWN2, Its worth the time getting this which updates the henchman AI, and if you want, upgrade the enemy smarts too. Just installing it will improve their behaviour but you can also give detailed instructions and make them perform more to your tastes so you can ignore them all the more handily for the rest of the game.

The original NWN2 campaign is remarkably generic which can be a good thing if you're after a bit of cathartic fantasy gaming. The expansion is better in many respects. You finally get companions, rather than minions in it so it may not be what you're after.
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