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Just booted up 'Planescape: Torment' yesterday, and I've so far put only about a couple of hours into it. It's a game I've tried to play before but never really given enough patience to it, however after seeing a few posts about the game on here I'd decided to give it another crack. And I must say, I'm reaaally enjoying it Especially since I'm not a huge RPG gamer.

I've been working at Jack Keane too for about a month, and to be honest my interest has wained a little in it. I'm finding the puzzles pretty easy and a little bit too straight forward for my liking. And the main character just seems hopeless, and not in a 'Threepwood' kind of way - but instead, in a really bloody annoying way! I think I'll have a look at completing it soon though just to say I've played it through.

And I really need to get The Longest Journey started again - I was about half way through the game last time when I had to bloody reboot the computer. D'oh!
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