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Originally Posted by The Seed
Can someone possibly give a short explanation about "the Snake". I never played GK and have no idea what you guys are talking about.
In short, the game starts with a murder and you find a snake scale at the site. Snakes do NOT naturally lose scales. You then spend the first half of the game wandering around trying to get scales from other snakes to compare to the one at the crime scene. Again, snakes do NOT lose scales. In another part of the game, you are constricted by a large snake, and you get free of the snake by turning on a window fan. There is a hint earlier in the game that snakes are very sensitive to vibration to clue you in to this. Of course, the reality is that Gabriel Knight would be dead even if a thousand fans were turned on at once. The snake wouldn't care less. In short, pretty much every single thing about snakes in the game is completely false.
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