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One thing that is important in any horror is that the lead person should be overwhlemed, by ammoshortage or fighting or by gender.

Some makers put females into games like FF or cult classic D, to make things more suited for horror.

If you have badass character with pull arsenal of moves and weapons and your enemies weaker than it dosnt work.

It happens in condmened sequel, doom3, and silenthill etc.
However suffering another very tight psycho horror had same badass hero but his enemies were more badass than him and dont die in few bullets like doom or SH.

In most Sh i dont even need to fight, its soeasy to run away form enemies , SH brings horror only with sound and imagery not with tension in gameplay.

In condemend 1, the fights were more intense, and slow, the pace was right, weapons were scarce, infact you get pistol few times, in sequel it had fulltime weapons.

The feeling of loneliness and isolation was also better in 1, where 2 has swat memebers and other characters constntly in contact, kills the tension.

Deadspace is also lookign cool, more like suffering in space, the creatue designs is awesome, and they also are making ammo shortage to kick up the tension.
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