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Originally Posted by misslilo View Post

I believe you can get Agon: The Mysterious Codex (the first 3 episodes)from or download it from AdventureShop, which I did
Yes, thank you much for this info.

However, I once ordered some games (Syberia II and some of the Myst games) from I ended up paying twice the amount or 2.5 times the original price that I had paid for the game since shipping from US to Denmark will have you pay both for shipping, customs and sales VAT tax + added freight rate(s) from the Danish National Postal Service.

The point is that even if the game only would be about 190 Danish Crowns,
I easily end up paying about 249 Danish Crowns or even 299 Danish Crowns.
(about 50-60 US dollars with the current exchange rate)

Also, I don't have much money right now, so it fits me just fine that the game's UK version isn't out untill June 2008.

This is said in no disrespect you, misslilo, but I just thought I would explain why I don't order the game from As for the downloadable version, I sure like my game boxes
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