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Hello and welcome. Putting my two cents, somewhat short and simple.

1. How important is the originality of the story to the game? Do people enjoy a more simple story with complex puzzles or do people want a more literary story that demands some "interpretation" from the player? Do you want to play a game that heavily laden with allegory and symbolism? Or do you feel that heavy stories are reserved for books?

Originality is always of course a plus, but it's not necessary in AG - it's all about how well you tell the story. While puzzles are important, I still always been driven by the main story and the atmosphere myself. I'd MUCH rather have a good story with poor puzzles, than a poor story with good puzzles.

So in short : Story > puzzles

2. Do people like the traditional adventure game mechanics of puzzle solving and conversations? What about mini-games? Do people like Indigo Prophecy "simon says" mini-games? Or do people like more in-world games a la the combat system in Dreamfall?

Personally speaking, I dislike these kinds of minigames in adventure games a lot, especially if it's something that can lead to death, failure or something similar.

3. How do people feel about viewpoint? Do people like a first person view like Myst or more third person like Gabriel Knight (btw, that's my favorite adventure game of all time). How about controls? Point-and-click or "WASD" FPS-type controls?

3rd person. I've never got into 1st person games. I can't describe it, but for some reasons games seem a lot more "dead" and boring when 1st person view. I really like to see my environment and character freely.

4. How about replayability? Is that really important? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis had a cool system that allowed some replayability. Did people enjoy this?

Of course this as well is always a plus, but not necessary at all. Most greatest AG's I've played don't have aforementioned replayability value, other than great story.

5. What are people's thoughts on incorporating game mechanics that people can return to over and over? For instance, an adventure game could have a game of checkers that needs to be played once to get past a certain point but then could be replayed later for fun.

Doesn't sound too bad

6. How many people own the Wii? I really think this is a great platform for adventure games.

Don't have one, but probably will one day.

7. Do people have any ideas on incorporating new types of gameplay into the adventure genre? I am open to any suggestions.

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