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Originally Posted by aries323 View Post
Now, I just need to find the time to play all these games...
Yeah, this is why I only ever buy pick up and play games now. I just haven't got the time or the patience to play a game that I have to stick my teeth right into.

Just got...

Got the Japanese version (they call it 'Power Smash'). Amazingly enough, all of the menus are in English still!

Fantastic lil' game. Only played one game of arcade but boy was it intense! I can defo see why this game has such a massive cult following. I simply cannot wait until I get 4 Dreamcast arcade sticks and have a full on multiplayer session with my friends.

I was worried because I played wii tennis, all other Tennis games would feel obsulete, but this is not the case. I've still got Virtual Tennis 3 sealed on my PC and I'll play that when I get the chance.

Highly recommended guys.
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