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Border Down: Limited Edition (Dreamcast)

Game - £115

Shipping - £15

God forsaken VAT - £37!

By the makers of one of my fav games ever (Under Defeat), this game is pretty darn fun if not a bit too simple and conservative for its own good. Worth the amount I spent? No, not unless you're a major fan of shmups and G.Rev. But as there are only 5,000 copies of this limited edition, I'm sure I can consider it an investment if anything else.


Bomberman Onine (US import)

Game - £15 (the game is apparently brand new, but it's not really in new condition. But it sells for about £25 before postage on ebay, so not a bad offer at all.

Apparently only released in the US (not even in Native Japan), one of the last online Dreamcast games before the console's demise. Not as good as Saturn Bomberman, but I'll be able to play this 4-player so I'll probably never have to buy another Bomberman game again.

Haven't even looked at Gradius so far.
I recently bought this (again) and it's not bad. Admittedly I prefer Gradius on a larger screen. But at least it's not as bad as trying to play Gradius Advance on a Gameboy micro. As great as the game is, I just can't see half the stuff hence I'm selling it.

If you like the Gradius Collection, may I suggest importing the Parodius Collection. It's Gradius on acid.

I don't know why it's so god damn expensive in Sweden though. In America it's only $20
That's crazy! It's £25 ($50) here in the UK.

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