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Originally Posted by Ksandra View Post
And I'm also deeply unimpressed by the attitude Jensen and/or her publishers seem to be taking towards their fanbase - i.e. 'tell them almost nothing for months on end, and completely ignore any requests for further information'.
I can agree with you, but - to me - this fact doesn't detract anything from how much I'm expecting the game. As I said in my previous post, I'm full of example of artists (writers, directors, designers) which, despite the totally lack of information on their works, still I highly regard, 'cause I've never been let down by their efforts.

When Cormac McCarthy or Thomas Pynchon, or David Lynch, or George Martin (and I still can go on and on) hints that they're working to something new, the news spread worldwide, despite informations being diffused or not.

To adhere to our topic, I'm really looking forward to play Overclocked, Mata Hari, So Blonde and others, but no one of them can raise my expectations higher than Gray Matter. What does it mean? That, in my own case, if the Hype-o-Meter depends only on me, Gray Matter will still be First to the very moment of its release.

And I think that a Hype thermometer have to show the games that fans are expecting, despite demos, screenshots, trailers, news and information. I understand that these aren't the parameters for the Hype-o-Meter and I accept the fact. What I'm pointing out is that - if Gray Matter managed, although shadowy and uncertain, to raise our expectations so much - it deserves to be placed first.

Now, it's note the case anymore and I've to make my peace
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