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Originally Posted by aries323 View Post
I think getting these games to run on these systems would require a lot of backwards editing (reverse engeenering, I think it is called ?) just to get them up and running on modern OS.
Considering that the re-release of Sam and Max (and, IIRC, the other DOS games in this re-release series) actually is properly updated for Windows, complete with some new features, they already did most of that work since the games share a lot of the code (known as SCUMM). The answer isn't that simple.

More likely is - as Flyboy said - that they didn't think those games worth re-releasing. They probably think games with such crude graphics and without voice acting would be pretty much unsellable. Maybe even that they might risk damaging their trademark by putting them on shelves. Note that the games they did re-release all have full (and very good) voice acting, and graphics that still look quite decent even compared to modern games.
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