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Originally Posted by RLacey View Post

Oh, and Jaz, get Throw Lightsaber. Guaranteed hits are fun. Particularly if you want to defeat the final boss the hard way.

I even had Advanced Throw Lightsaber.

I basically completed the game with Force Whirlwind, Stasis Field, and Advanced Throw Lightsaber (and in the case of Droids, "Destroy Droid"). I also at the end had "Force Immunity", but I didn't actually use it.

I had twelve levels of Jedi Consular. Maybe I should have waited with the levelling a bit before becoming one, but that's the way it is. Why does levelling stop at level 20?!

It was very useful, but it ate a lot more force than "Destroy Droid". I think it might have been a neutral power.

But it was very effective, especially when throwing my double bladed lightsaber using the Mantle of the Force, Solari and Rubat crystals.

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